Angry couples ambush pro wedding photographer for ruining their day

Recently, Lakes Photography’s wedding photographer Justin Hollow was featured in Australian TV program A Current Affair. Well, not in a good way though.

The photographer was ambushed on camera by twenty angry brides and grooms (some of them were even in their wedding attire) who stated Tthat Hollow’s photography business ruined their day.
The group of newly married couples contacted the TV show with horror tales regarding the practices of the Brisbane-based photographer. One claimed Justin changed the photographer assignment for her date at the very last minute and that forced her to call off her booking. Still, she is looking for her full refund. Others accused Justin of taking nearly 2 years to give their wedding videos and photos. While, a few of them have made up their mind that their photographs would never arrive.
After these, A Current Affair arranged for the (unhappy) group to confront Justin on camera to demand their photos and refunds. Here is the full fifteen minute segment which was telecasted on TV.
In his defense, Justin stated that he runs his own business and he actually have to stay engaged in everything in that. It has also been reported that he has also been barred from becoming a member at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Currently, he is under prove by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

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