Groom and bride-to-be battle it back after marriage packages go missing

A thief cast off a twist in a couple’s marriage ceremony preparations in the West Valley City in Utah by stealing packages off the couple’s front porch.

Local news channel reported that Frank Palraj and his beloved were waiting on a number of packages – that includes his wedding suit as well as some bridesmaid shoes – for Valentine’s Day wedding scheduled to take place in Hawaii when they came to know some of their packages had came at their home.

Still, when they did not saw them on their front stoop, the couple looked at their surveillance cameras and came to know that a woman had lifted several packages off their porch in daylight.

After uploading the video to social mediums, Frank Palraj, the groom-to-be, told that it was seen 80000 times in only thirteen hours. A tipster guided police to thirty-four year old Amanda Johnson, who is charged with 3rd degree felony theft.

Palraj told that she said police that she was bored and jealous. But that was weird because she does not even know her. Palraj told that he asked Nordstrom regarding his suit and came to know that this had been returned for cash.

Frank added that they do not generally prosecute, but they have a lot of evidences in this case that they would go after it. And it is a senseless crime to him.

According to reports, police said that giving back stolen things is quite common for crooks. West Valley City Police’s Roxeanne Vianuku told that people are only looking for a little bit of quick cash. If what is in that box ends up being worthless to them, they are not out anything, you are.

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